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•   Mike Payne  5/17
•   Pat (John) Cook (Cook)  3/25
•   John Rogers  3/10
•   Abel Sanchez  3/9
•   Alan Upchurch  2/10
•   Ron Henson  7/23
•   Wilma Logan (Miller-Jackson)  1/1
•   James Gabbard  11/6
•   Kathy Smith (Schmoldt)  11/4
•   Jeral Ahtone  11/4
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 79.5%

A:   62   Joined
B:   16   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Alabama
3 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Nevada
41 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in South Carolina
18 live in Texas
1 lives in Washington
9 location unknown
25 are deceased


•   Glenda Farrell (Marts)  1/18
•   Freddie Henley  1/20
•   Dayna Kite (Hooper)  1/23
•   Gary Nowell  1/25
•   Ronnie Henderson  1/26
•   Pat Churchill (Tyler)  1/27
•   Johnnie Jean Morris (Logan)  1/29
•   Reba Jo Payne (Amend)  1/29
•   Donna Tims (Pollard)  1/30
•   Sherre Fountain (Wolfe)  2/14
•   Gretta Wheelus (Lee)  2/17


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Honors & Tributes Page: honors those who served in the military. Please send your information so that page can be updated.

MISSING CLASSMATES: PLEASE contact Carla Askew Sachar with any contact information you have about our classmates so they can be given updates on our reunion THIS year.

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Stay tuned . . . more photos to be posted soon !

The problem with photos being posted upside-down and side-ways and ever-which-way still persists.
I am trying to work with the 'website people' to solve this problem. 

The photos appear 'correct' if viewed from some devices. (Computer or cell phone) All photos that I took 'vertically' will post sideways. Until we figure out the problem, just lean your head to the right. 


Hugo High School Class of 1969

If the 2019 image above is sideways, here's another attempt to 'fix' it:


Gals from the class of 1969

Class with their spouses


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Since our site was created in March of 2009, it has had 146,447 visitors !!

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(l-r) Gordon Allen, William Taylor, Billy Billings, Mark Cannon, Billy Nowell, Ernest Carlile, Randy Short, Paul Lewis, and Jonny Clark.

Please visit the Honors and Tributes page (left side bar)for a list of all our classmates who served in the military.  Also,  visit their profiles and either send them an e-mail or leave a public message of thanks for these gentlemen.




First of all, a big THANK YOU to Joetta Leslie for donating towards the Website Subscription and to an ANONYMOUS donor. This will help keep our site up a few months after our reunion so all the photos and slide show can be posted here.  








Our class would like to commemorate our 50th Reunion with a donation made to Hugo High School. We are still waiting for a list of things they would like for us to consider, so there is not a definite gift at this early date. Our goal is to raise $2000 (+)

WE WILL COLLECT ALL DONATIONS DURING OUR REUNION WEEKEND, so you don’t need to send with your registration.

Sherre Fountain Wolfe opened a bank account for our class so we can pay all of our bills with a check that is not from anyone’s personal account. If there is any money left after the costs of this weekend, we will add this amount to the donation from the Class of ’69 to HHS.




Buffalo Grill & Big Screen TV


Choctaw Casino Pool Area


Choctaw Casino . . . Evidently, the bars are there because they heard that Jimboreeheehee will be there.







The above pages were taken from our link: Buffalo Trails where you will find all of our yearbooks.

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Buffalo Chips & Chat:  This contains many Forums with messages and photos. To locate tributes of our classmates, teachers, parents, etc., scroll down to Memory Album and click. A list of names appears. Click on a specific name. Click on Reply and post your comment and/or photos the same way as in the Message Forum.

Bufflalo Trails:  This contains all four of our yearbooks.  If you've lost yours and want to copy these pages, just right click on the page you want. Click Save photo. It will be added to a file on your computer and you can print it.

Left Side Bar: Contains a plethora of photos and memorabilia.

Member Functions:  This is where you can update and add information to your profile

If you cannot access the links on our site because of a new e-mail or you've forgotten your password, contact me and I"ll try to help





William Taylor
Mark Cannon
Charla Moore
Billy Billings
Teresa Sanders



Be sure to send these "old folks" a Happy Birthday greeting.
Go to our Classmate Profiles page and click on their name.
Scroll to the bottom of their profile and find two forms.
You can send a private message which sends a notification internally through our system using their e-mail address.  It will notify the classmate that a message is waiting for them at the Message Center. 
You can post a public message on their profile for everyone to see.










Here are names of classmates and a teacher who have registered but have outdated e-mail addresses. If you know their contact information, please  contact Kathy. (Notify Me on Left Side Bar)

Billings, Billy
Cole, Carolyn
Collvins, Joe
Davidson, Terrell
Landreth, Larry
Meredith, Judy

Morris, Johnnie Jean
Mosley, Cora
Short, Randy
Wren, Linda

Here are names of classmates who have not registered.
If you know how to contact them, please send them the link to our website or give them the information about our reunion. 


Akins, Charlie
Bills, Saundra (Reynolds)
Bishop, Ronnie
Bostic, Brenda
Bray, Gloria (McFadden)
Copeland, Eddy
Ellison, Sandra
Featherstone, Chester
Fort, Gerald
Frierson, Patsy
Harris, Shirley (Biggers)
Helton, Peggy (Allen)
Hendrix, Wanda (Callahan)
Key, Burt
Lindamood, Ronnie
Locke, Roy
McCain, Carroll
Moore, Fred
Morris, Troy
Pearl, Evelyn (Gray)
Rawls, Margaret Reece
Scales, Brenda (May)
Shoals, James
Smith, Bill
Smith, Jimmy


CLICK HERE for more "Blast from the Past" photos.

CLICK HERE to travel in a Time Machine for  Videos and Articles from 1969.








Row 1: Mary Jane Jeffrey, Dudley Barnes, Stanley Mathis Charla Foley, Rodger Price, Johnna Bills, Sherre Fountain, Jim Ellis
Row 2: Robin Ford, Linda Grady,  Barbara Amend, Gerry Kelly, ?, JImmy Beadle, Gem Percival,  ?
Row 3: Guy Newman, Kathy Wheelus, Greta Wheelus, Mark Cannon, Keith Simpson, Craig Weston, Jimmy Smith, Arnold Taylor
Row 4: Mrs. ? Caylor, Debbie Williams, Janice Abney, Cindy Stamper, Lynda Lentz, Linda Wren, Carla Askew, Mr. Walter Leonard, Principal


Row 1: Jack Barnes, Judy Woods, Jack Payne,
Darlene Brady, Patricia Pool, Jan Wells, Larry Lee
Row 2: Jesse Babcock, Virginia Springs, Harvey Gibson, John Dollar, Ronnie Henderson, Jonny Clark, Kathy Smith, Randy Roberson
Row 3: Bobbie Pharis, Peggy Helton, Linda Wilson, David Forbus, Gary Simmons, Beverly Ridge, Deborah Houchen, Ronnie Lindamood
Row 4: Mr. Larry Landreth, Autry Phillips, Tom Arledge, Ramona Carper, Billy Nowell, Mike Compton, Ronald Popchoke, Mr. Walter Leonard, Principal


Row 1: David, Horne, Randy Short, Kem Highfill, Carolyn Cole, Wanda Hendrix, Ricky Billingsley,  ?,  Wilma Logan

Row 2: Ernie Carlisle, Freddie Moore, Leslie Greenwalt, ?, Ernest McCorkle, Sampson Scott, Carolyn Bex, William Taylor
Row 3: Gail Whitaker, Mary Meggs, Linda Wyrick, Phyllis McClure ?  , ?
Row 4: Joe Collvins, ?, Gary Redwine, Mike May, Mike Payne, Mr. Hilburn, Mrs. Grayson(?), Mr. Walter Leonard



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Buffalo Chips & Chat Threads/Forums/Topics Info:

1)  You can subscribe to the thread at BC&C so that when someone posts a new topic there, you are notified through your e-mail and can read the message without having to come to the site.

2)  The messages posted there are kept under specific headings and can be found easily.  At the Message Forum, if you want to find a posting, it  requires just scrolling and looking for it.

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4) Also, most of us have posted addresses on our profiles, and personal notes can be mailed using the old-fashioned more personal way of sending our thoughts by using USPS.



HOW TO add GIF's to your posts at Message Forum and on Profile Comments:

The directions have been added to the Questions/Answers Thread at Buffalo Chips and Chat.




1967-1968 Hugo Buffaloes Basketball


Front Row:  L-R:
Jack Payne, Jerry Downum, Mark Cannon, Alan Upchurch Jimmy Wallace, Greg Nash, Dudley Barnes

Middle Row:  L-R:
Gary Redwine, Ronald Popchoke, Autry Phillips, Bob Cowley,  Robin Ford, Bernard Partin, Clentis Weatherall

Top Row:  L-R:
James Harris I,  Rayford Clark, Monte Berry, Curtis Starlin,  Gerry Kelly, Walt Leonard, Norris Starlin

Thanks to Sherre Fountain Wolfe and Loise Jo Butler Washington for providing names to identify all our players !



Know of anyone planning a class reunion, a family reunion, or have the need to archive information ?  Scroll to the bottom of this page, click on the Class Creator banner to plan it or save it the easy way. Start your own website ! And, if you do, tell them Hugo69 sent you and CC will send us $50.  Our referral code is:  M1556576




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Our referral code is:  M1556576






Welcome to the HUGO HIGH SCHOOL CLASS of 1969 web-site. It is a work-in-progress and will be updated on a regular basis. Here are a few reasons that it was created:

 1)  to assist in planning our  reunions  and any Hugo Supper Club events
2)  to locate friends who are hiding from us and let them know about our reunion
3)  to reacquaint ourselves with each other so that we recognize each other
4)  to post photos of reunions and other events for those who could not attend


The web-site and reunion cannot be successful without everyone's participation.   


To protect your personal information, your registration includes an option that allows only registered classmates to view your profile. If this option is selected, search engines and the general public WILL be blocked from accessing your information. Any registered classmate who is logged in, however, WILL be able to view ALL classmate profiles.  


Class Creator, our site host, assures us that our site will NOT be subject to advertising, that information posted on our site will NOT be sold or rented to a third party--all information is strictly confidential, and that their spam protection system WILL protect us from spam.  


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solely, covertly be an integral part of planning a successful 40th reunion.  Your computer will self-destruct in five minutes if you do not add to your profile and sign up to attend.   


To those who are just visiting and may be planning a reunion, if you do not have a web-site, may I suggest that you RUN, don't walk, to the Class Creator link at the bottom of this page. This will take you to a step-by-step video that is easy to use. The technical support that you will receive is personal and faster than the speed of lightning. Brad and his crew are there to help you create a tool that will insure a successful reunion.

Kathy Smith Schmoldt



If you are a friend of the Class of 1969 and would like to be added, please select 'Contact Us' to send us your name, including maiden if applicable, along with your senior class year and/or your class connection and we'll add you to the list.  Guest members are listed separately at the end of the Classmate Profiles page.


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